Customer engagement

A Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) gives you behind-the-scenes insights to understand your customers, but how do you then use this information to increase customer engagement?

By leveraging data insights and enabling you to create customer-facing applications, Birdzi’s platform helps you deliver an exceptional omnichannel shopping experience. From receiving emails with personalized product suggestions to getting in-store, real-time mobile notifications for targeted offers, your customers can be engaged throughout their entire shopping journeys. 

And with APIs allowing for Plug’n’Play solutions for your existing apps, or with the ability to give your existing website mobile app capabilities, your customers won’t have to jump through hoops to engage with you.


Customized offerings

Connect more with your customers through personalized offerings and experiences, fueled simply by T-logs, product data and loyalty data.

  • Segment customers to create highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Create and manage digital coupons based on customer preferences
  • Provide real-time suggestions for “add-to-list” items
  • Give your vendors control over their product promotions

Elevated shopping experience

In addition to providing more personalized promotions and shopping suggestions, Birdzi’s platform helps you create an elevated shopping experience for customers.

  • Shopping lists can be saved and shared between devices
  • In-store-beacons drop pins to indicate the location of list items, welcome shoppers to the store, and trigger rewards cards to show on a phone’s lock screen
  • Targeted recipe suggestions allow your customers to build shopping lists around your products
  • Shoppers can view weekly ads and clip targeted coupons all within one mobile app.

Interact with your shoppers through mobile apps, web, email and SMS






Send customers relevant offers at-home, in-store and on-the-go, and help them easily locate products in-store.


Enable customers to create shopping lists, browse targeted specials, clip coupons and more, all of which can be synced to your mobile app.

Create personalized ad flyers delivered to customers via email based on their purchases, preferences and more.


Enroll customers in loyalty programs and engage them with coupons via text.