Retailers of any size that fail to understand competition has fundamentally changed—from decades of product-driven practices to a true customer focus driven by share-of-wallet and lifetime value—are destined for a challenging future. Competition today is powered by customer insights and speed to action made possible by AI and machine learning feeding off retail big data.

But look at the reality of customer intelligence today. It’s a conglomeration of systems, practices, and processes that have accumulated over time with product data in one place, customer profile data in another system, transaction data somewhere else, and other miscellaneous bits and bytes spread across the enterprise. Expensive hardware, costly software licenses, and scarce IT resources are required to keep it all running.

In short, customer intelligence—let alone making customer intelligence actionable—is a giant, very expensive, hairball. What’s needed is an entirely new approach.

From real-time contextual relevancy to outright disruption

Birdzi has become known for being the retail industry’s only comprehensive customer engagement platform driven by real-time contextual relevance and sophisticated personalization. But that’s only the beginning. What’s quickly becoming clear is just how disruptive the platform truly is as the Birdzi brain trust upends legacy approaches and recreates customer intelligence using cutting edge technology architecture and big data science.

However, retailers do not yet understand the power of the data they possess.

What Birdzi has created is the industry’s first and only automated customer intelligence platform that ingests transaction data (batch or real-time) and automatically creates hundreds of unique attributes for each individual shopper, updated with every product purchased.

Product attributes are essential to powering customer insights, and not just the UPC and product name, but all the ingredients and nutritional data, with each ingredient a separate attribute. Think about that—dozens or hundreds of attributes maintained for each product being sold. And that’s not all. Birdzi can also ingest third-party data to support share-of-wallet and other insights. Birdzi’s platform is architected to ingest, calculate, maintain, and make searchable hundreds and thousands of attributes across customers and products.

Never-before-available insights and segmentation

This kind of automated data attribution relative to customers and products is game-changing, supporting never-before-available insights and segmentation to power a true customer focus across the enterprise.

And in a world of the exponential growth of computer processing power and innovation, speed has become a vital component of business strategy. Birdzi’s platform operates in real-time, powering speed to insights linked to speed to action. Retailers can filter through their product and customer data using any combination of those hundreds or thousands of attributes—and do so in minutes or seconds. That insight can be immediately linked to a promotion or campaign and executed across any channel —print or digital. Then, retailers can watch how customers respond, all in real-time.

360 customer intelligence insights

With an all-encompassing data insights platform, retailers gain the ability to eliminate massive IT costs, burdensome overhead, and the often complicated integrations that are in place today. With a cutting-edge customer intelligence-as-a-service platform, stores can power customer-focused retail in real-time.


Written by: Gary Hawkins