Birdzi’s proprietary location analytics and shopper engagement suite have been carefully designed to excel in a multi-store environment. In December 2013, we successfully deployed our technology in a 7-store climate, with a large, mid-west retailer.

Through our location analytics platform, the retailer will be able to gain valuable insights into shopper behavior through real-time shopper data covering dwell times, shopper frequency, in-store heat-maps, and more. Also, Birdzi is partnering with major CPG brands to pilot an innovative in-store real-time offer mechanism that can radically alter the way shoppers access relevant savings at the point of purchase.

Both the retailer and CPG brand gain access to Birdzi’s campaign management tool to set up targeted product campaigns per store or across the chain. Once a campaign has been activated, shoppers will receive personalized offerings through ad flyers and the retailer’s mobile application. Personalized offerings are based on factors such as their shopper purchase history or in-store location, thus creating real-time shopper engagement.

Birdzi’s goal is to transform the brick & mortar shopping experience by making mobile the hub of a real-time personalized shopper engagement ecosystem that provides a contextually aware user experience inside the store and seamlessly extends outside the store.

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