Grow your business one customer at a time

Birdzi brings AI into the world of grocery to achieve the one-to-one level of personalized service and meaningful engagement, of bygone simpler days.

You want your customers to feel like you understand and value them. But you can’t go back in time to where local grocers knew everyone in their communities. So how do you move forward?

One advantage of today’s world is that grocers sit on a mountain of data. You can leverage that data to achieve a one-to-one level of personalization and meaningful engagement at scale.

And it doesn’t have to be hard. Big data insights can now easily be generated and leveraged by all types of grocers by using a customer intelligence platform.

Retailers who use Birdzi’s Customer Intelligence Platform report:

Deliver value throughout your customer’s journey

your customer

first-time shoppers

Grow brand

Increase customer

How Grocers Win with Customer Intelligence Platforms

A Customer Intelligence Platform can help you provide strategic personalization and gain the tools needed to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Gain valuable customer insights

Track and analyze how you acquire, retain, and grow shoppers

Improve personalization

Give shoppers the experience they crave, e.g., through relevant coupons, ads, and shopping cart suggestions.

Add value

Implement more strategic marketing to retain customers and grow customer lifetime value.

Focus on your business and leave the tech to Birdzi

Supermarket analytics in seconds

Gain Shopper insights in as little as a few seconds just by inputting basic data like t-logs, product data, pricing data, and loyalty data.

The power of AI for personalization

Process hundreds of attributes per shopper through our AI engine to deliver personalized promotions that are actually relevant.

A customer data platform that prioritizes privacy

Big data shouldn’t cause big privacy problems for grocery stores or their customers. Rest assured, Birdzi is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Ready to improve customer engagement and drive loyalty?

What retailers say

What retailers say

They have worked with us diligently to put our weekly sales ad in the hands of thousands of app users, making it possible to offer a “no contact” solution during the COVID pandemic. At Niemann Foods, we are always trying to come up with new and innovative ideas to reach out to our customers. The Birdzi team has welcomed every idea and found solutions to make our ideas a reality. Every member of the Birdzi team is nice and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Birdzi to anyone wanting to build an app for their business.

Avry Brown,
Consumer Engagement Manager,
Niemann Foods, Inc – 2020

What retailers say

What retailers say

At Harps, we recognize the importance of engaging the consumer. Technology is changing and evolving so rapidly that the time available to grab the customers’ attention is becoming a smaller window of time and is cluttered with so many other distractions. In a competitive environment, it is important that we compete and stand out in this part of the customer experience. So, we are excited about the opportunities that Birdzi provides. Birdzi will allow our customers to have access to relevant information and content in a timely manner. This will help us to drive a better shopping experience, incremental sales, and to evolve as a retailer. As we get ready to launch our app in the immediate future, we’re definitely excited about the partnership and the capabilities that Birdzi is going to provide.

David Ganoung,
Vice President of Marketing,
Harp’s Food – 2020

What retailers say

What retailers say

Hi, I’m Dennis Host, VP of Marketing for Coborn’s Incorporated. We operate Coborn’s stores, Cashwise stores, and Marketplace food stores across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The platform that we’ve introduced to our guests is called More Rewards, it includes a guest-facing app, a guest-facing website all built by Birdzi and there have been a number of integrations that we added to the program last year to add significant value to the platform for our guests. Along with that, we started deploying personalized weekly offers, personalized coupon offers varying rewards programs… an essential piece that they brought to the program last year was complete digital couponing.

Dennis Host,
Vice President of Marketing, Coborn’s Incorporated. 2018,
National Grocers Association

What retailers say

What retailers say

Birdzi will help us connect with individual shoppers while providing them with meaningful savings on relevant products. This working relationship will help us deliver new services as the digital and physical worlds of retail merge together.

Ron Bonacci,
Vice President of Advertising and Marketing,
Weis Markets – 2020

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