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Shopper Engagement Tools

Shopper Engagement Overview

Birdzi’s Customer Engagement platform grants you invaluable insights into your customer actions and behviors. The question is; how can you effectively utilize this data to boost customer engagement?

Birdzi’s platform provides the solution by harnessing these insights and facilitating the creation of customer-centric applications. This, in turn, enables the delivery of a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Whether it’s personalized product recommendations via email or real-time, in-store mobile notifications featuring tailored offers, Birdzi ensures your customers stay engaged throughout their entire shopping journeys. Moreover, Birdzi’s APIs offer Plug’n’Play solutions to integrate seamlessly with your existing apps or upgrade your website with mobile app capabilities, eliminating any barriers to customer engagement.

Digital Coupon Platform

Integrated with national coupon providers, this advanced marketing tool allows retailers to create audiences, build offers, set budgets, and edit images. These offers can then be deep linked to mobile and web apps.


Offer Performance Analytics

Retailers can track and assess the effectiveness of their digital coupos. The platform provides real time, detailed, data and insights on metrics such as redemption rates, customer engagement, and overall campaign success, enabling retailers to fine-tune their coupon strategies for optimal results and ROI.


Customer Data Platform

This comprehensive tool aggregates and analyzes customer data from various sources. It provides retailers with valuable insights into shopper behaviors, preferences, and trends, allowing for the creation of highly personalized marketing campaigns and offers to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

Customer Support

Manage and streamline customer service operations. Search customers by loyalty number, phone number or email. This instant access to their profile, clipped coupons, redeemed coupons, and rewards allows the retailer to efficiently resolve customer inquiries and provide excellent support.


Personalized Emails

These campaigns leverage sophisticated data analytics to tailor content, offers, and product recommendations to each recipient’s unique preferences and behaviors. This level of personalization increases email engagement, driving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Product Catalog Management

Empowers retailers with complete control over their catalog, enabling easy customization of images, categories, descriptions, and brand information. This seamless control fosters an enhanced shopping experience and strengthens brand identity.



Birdzi’s hyper-automated, strategically personalized, AI-driven campaigns foster unwavering customer loyalty and elevate overall customer value. With Birdzi’s advanced AI/ML technology, retailers can effortlessly craft campaigns with just a few clicks, promising not only customer delight but also substantial business growth.

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