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Birdzi’s Visper solution is the talk of the industry.

Birdzi delivers industry-leading personalized shopping experiences through retail’s most automated and sophisticated personalization capabilities.

From personalizing mass promotion content like weekly ads and digital coupons to audience-focused campaigns, to AI automated strategic hyper-personalization, Birdzi is gaining rave reviews from a growing number of retail clients.

Through an automated AI process, Visper uses the retailer’s entire store product catalog, along with personalized discounts, to strategically generate customized offers for each customer designed to grow sales, visits, retention, and store engagement. No other personalization solution is as advanced and no other solution can automatically manage the delivery of millions of unique offers into the transaction in-store or online.

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Levels of Personalization

Strategies customized to meet your strategic personalization objectives. From simple to sophisticated.

Personalize Existing Content Surface the most relevant ad items and coupons to shoppers via email, in the app & web.
Audience Based Targeting Create offers targeted to shoppers based on activity. E.g. new shoppers who spend more than $100 in first 30 days will receive a '$5 off $50' coupon.
VISPER 1.0 (AI Driven) AI driven bank of offers for an audience of shoppers based on their purchase behavior and target each shopper with the most relevant offers.
VISPER 2.0 (Automated AI) Completely automatied AI driven campaigns designed to grow shopper value on a truly personalized level. Each shopper receives offers that best grow their value. Create ad-hoc or recurring campaigns.

Personalized Ad Flyers and Personalized Coupon Emails

Birdzi’s Personalized Ad Flyers and Personalized Coupon Emails excel in communicating the most pertinent ad items, specials, coupons, and content to each individual customer, ensuring that every message resonates with their unique preferences and shopping history. Birdzi harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to craft these personalized communications, drawing upon comprehensive shopper profiles to curate content that is bound to capture the customer’s attention. These meticulously tailored communications are then seamlessly delivered through Birdzi’s Email delivery platform, guaranteeing that retailers can reach their customers effectively, boosting engagement, and driving sales with precision and efficiency.

Audience Targeted Offers

Retailers can easily create their own custom audiences based on shopper behavior, preferences, and purchase history. Retailers can then create offers, either to promote their own products or in partnership with vendors, that are targeted to shoppers in the audience. This audience-based campaign capability is ideal for addressing specific opportunities; new shoppers, lost shoppers, vendor partner campaigns, new product introductions, new store openings, and far more. Targeted offers can be communicated to the shopper through multiple channels via a standard API call. Closing the loop, Birdzi provides complete analytics and reporting tools to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

  1. Customer Segmentation: Retailers can segment their customer base into various groups or segments based on their shopping behavior, preferences, and purchase history. This segmentation allows you to understand customers better.
  2. Personalized Offers: With segmented customer data, retailers can create highly personalized promotional offers. These offers are designed to cater to the specific preferences and needs of different customer segments.
    Multi-Channel Engagement-  Audience Targeted Offers can be delivered through various channels ensuring that retailers can reach their customers wherever they are most likely to engage with offers.
  3. Measurable Results: Birdzi provides retailers with analytics and reporting tools to track the effectiveness of these offers. Retailers can measure how well their offers perform and make adjustments based on the data.
  4. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: By delivering relevant offers and promotions to their customers, retailers can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. When customers receive offers that align with their preferences, they are more likely to continue shopping with that retailer.
Increase in Basket Size
Increase in Store Visits
Increase in Retention Rates

VISPER Campaigns

Visper is Birdzi’s industry-leading hyper-personalization capability. Visper 1.0 creates a suggested bank of offers that will be most valued by your targeted shoppers; retailers can work with vendors to gain marketing funds to support the effort. Birdzi then personalizes the most relevant offers drawn from the offer bank to each shopper.

Retailer determined target audience
AI Engine determines the best approach
Entire store catalog available
Grow your business one shopper at a time

Visper 2.0 takes personalization to an entirely new level. Using the KIC score, Birdzi’s AI automatically generates unique offers and discounts for each individual customer using the entire store product catalog – tens of thousands of products. Each offer is strategically designed to grow customer value: basket size, trips, retention, and engagement (number of categories shopped). Those hyper-personalized offers automatically flow into an email to communicate the personalized savings to each shopper, and the savings are delivered automatically into the transaction in-store or online. Visper is the retail industry’s most sophisticated personalization capability.

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