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Birdzi’s Cooperative Customer Connections: BirdziCon 2024

Published July 2, 2024
in Blog by Birdzi
Birdzi’s Cooperative Customer Connections: BirdziCon 2024

Customers are the foundation of Birdzi’s business, and we take pride in the close working relationships that we’ve formed with our retail partners. Our team’s success is directly correlated with theirs.

We work in close collaboration with our retail partners to understand and engage with their shoppers in new ways. As a result, we were proud to host our first annual client conference in April. There, representatives from our strong customer base gathered in New York City to connect with one another, find inspiration in thoughtful discussions, and uncover new ways to leverage the Birdzi platform.

An Exclusive “Sneak Peek” Into Birdzi’s Future

Delivering value and building trust with our customers are Birdzi’s core objectives. At the conference, we shared a roadmap and vision for where the Birdzi platform is heading, along with highlights from the past year.

Gary Hawkins, CEO of the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology and our strategy advisor, facilitated important industry-related discussions with attendees. Gary also offered insights into how Birdzi’s tools like advanced analytics and personalization platform can help retailers compete in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. 

Man at Birdzi Conference

We were also thrilled to welcome Doug Madenberg, a longtime friend of Birdzi and the Chief Listening Officer and Executive Director at The Feedback Group. Doug provided attendees with an exclusive first look at The Feedback Group’s latest survey of U.S. shoppers, focusing on the impact of inflation on their behavior and perceptions.

“Attending the 2024 Birdzi Client Conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn how other retailers are implementing their loyalty programs and gain insights into Birdzi’s plans for the future. I left the conference excited about the new tools Birdzi will be able to offer retailers, as well as how they will benefit our customers. This event further solidified our continued partnership with Birdzi, showcasing the shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.”-

Mary Jo Ziemkowski, Rewards Analyst at Strack & Van Til

Impactful Customer Insights and Collaboration

In addition to outlining Birdzi’s future development plans, we also wanted to provide an opportunity for customers to learn from one another about the unique ways they are implementing Birdzi’s leading Customer Intelligence Platform. 

panelRetailer presentations and panel discussions allowed our partners to glean inspiration from the ways others are using Birdzi’s solutions to grow their businesses.

We were glad to hear that several of our customers have reached out to one another after the conference to discuss ideas further. Additionally, 100% of the retailers who attended noted the event was very productive, highlighting the value they gained from these discussions.

“It is incredibly rewarding to partner with a company so dedicated to fostering collaboration among its retail customers. Birdzi’s commitment to customer engagement as a key driver for retailers is evident in their efforts to develop innovative tools that enhance the shopping experience for our consumers. We are excited to see the progress that comes from this collective effort.”-

David Ganoung, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Harps Food Stores, Inc.

Taking to the Water to Cap a Wonderful Event

Dinner on a boatAfter a full day of collaboration and idea generation, we capped off the event with a dinner cruise on the Hudson Bay. While it may have been a rough night on the water that night, overall, the customer conference was smooth sailing.

We’d like to thank each of our customers for their help and input that made the event a remarkable success. Without you, there would be no Birdzi.

Looking ahead, Birdzi is excited to build out our client conference even further. We hope to include more retailer discussions and are considering spreading the eventsitting outside a boat out over two days to facilitate even more impactful discussions.

If you’re interested in learning more about the personal Birdzi experience and what our approach can do for your business, reach out to us today!

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