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Harps Chooses #1 Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Published February 7, 2020
in Blog by Birdzi
Harps Chooses #1 Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Birdzi’s Customer Engagement Ecosystem to help retailer compete with the country’s largest mass retailer

Harps Food, the leading food retailer in Arkansas, has chosen to deploy Birdzi’s customer engagement tools. Harps Food will leverage Birdzi’s real-time digital ecosystem, which is specifically designed to support regional food retailers. A key component is the AI relationship engine, which uses several hundred attributes for each shopper, updated with each purchase, to power contextual relevancy. This enables retailers to better address shopper needs, including through more relevant real-time recommendations than what has previously been possible.

“We’ve been following Birdzi for some time now as they’ve grown across well-known retailers like Niemann Foods, Coborns, Weis Markets, and more. As Harps Food is ready to expand our digital customer engagement efforts, it was only natural to work with Birdzi,” said David Ganoung, Vice President of Marketing for Harps. “Harps will be leveraging Birdzi’s real-time personalization and relevancy as we go head to head with the country’s largest mass retailer.”

Unlike other personalization solutions that use only backward-looking historical purchase data, Birdzi’s deep integration to its white-label mobile and web apps provide a real-time view of shopper intent. Thus enabling up-to-the-second recommendations based on customer behavior and location creating a customer engagement ecosystem.

Shekar Raman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Birdzi said the partnership would bring essential new capabilities for Harps Food to advance its marketing strategies.

“We are proud to work with David and the Harps team in rolling out new digital capabilities,” Raman said. “This relationship shows that regional retailers value the comprehensive ecosystem that Birdzi provides, giving retailers a path away from the siloed systems of today to a seamless and cohesive ecosystem for the future. Birdzi’s platform begins with the customer, a focus fully aligned with Harps’ customer-first philosophy.”

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