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Nimble or Not?

Published October 17, 2019
in News by Birdzi
Nimble or Not?

Trying to compete with the big guys in today’s ever-changing retail world can be a hard hill to climb for independent grocery businesses. We don’t have the budgets, the manpower, or the sheer geographic scope to match up toe-to-toe. But what we do have is nimbleness, the ability to adjust quickly and on the fly, and community connectivity, both face-to-face and digitally.

Now being nimble is a choice; you have to want to change. But when facing the alternative (staying the same and dying a not-so-slow death), I think a majority of independents find ways to adapt. One of the biggest challenges is with technology. With smaller IT or Marketing teams, you may not have the time or expertise to research what’s on the cutting edge or how to get there within a small budget realistically, but there are third-parties, like Birdzi, who can help. Their personalization engine and the new capabilities give us the chance to take on the Walmarts, the Krogers, and the Hyvee’s in our Midwest region with pinpoint accuracy focused on the customer. That’s where we want to be: inside the shopper’s mind – knowing what they want before they even know it! If you can essentially put the whole store on sale, but the only showcase offers that are relevant to Sue, only relevant to Bob, only relevant to Tammi, that makes for a pretty potent sale! Being able to deliver a personal touch to the digital experience is, in my mind, the future of sales and marketing. Our society’s dependence on technology will only grow stronger in the years to come. So deciding to REACT now, deciding to WORK at it now, whether that’s with an investment in time, money or energy will pay off. Of course, “personalization” is a huge buzz word with a very broad definition. But determining what it means to you, your company, and your future is a necessity to stay alive in the retail apocalypse. At Niemann Foods, the personalization first started taking leaps and bounds in our Marketing content. We’re creating unique videos, both live and recorded, that speak to individuals with different tastes—trying to eat healthier? Our Live Well Health and Wellness team has tips and will answer your questions. Want to see what’s new? Our Toddler Taste Tests with a 3-year-old food critic will let you know what’s coming in stores now. Want to find out what the best-tasting ketchup, coffee, or dog food is? Our Two Bald Guys will give you a blind taste test of brands. Appeal to each niche you serve, that’s how you serve everyone… not with the same thing, but embrace the differences. But then the question begs, how can you then personalize the sales? We can’t wait to implement our new personalized Digital Coupon platform and to see our customer’s reactions. So what’s next for you? Are you nimble, or are you stuck?

Written by: Nathaniel Jones

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