Personalized Wellness 

Go beyond customized promotions by connecting with your customers through the  Personalized Wellness solution. 

Through attribute matching and voluntary user input (e.g.  height, weight, age, gender and health conditions), you can offer users curated shopping experiences. This gives customers the feeling that they are more than just a number and that you are more than just a store. 

With Birdzi you can:

  • Provide product suggestions based on factors such as health needs and dietary preferences
  • Help your customers navigate confusing food labels
  • Make healthy recommendations that add true value to customers’ lives

Connect with a wide range of shoppers

How does it work?

Once your shopper downloads and enrolls in your store-branded app, her personal input and purchase behavior are entered into the CIP engine along with product label data and health condition-specific product scores.  The result is a curated catalog aligned with the health and dietary preferences of your shopper.  The catalog contains products from your store catalog including private label. Additionally,  she will be offered delicious recipes that align with her dietary needs.