It’s rare to catch a startup right in the moments before its popularity gains traction, and that pivotal shift is happening at Birdzi right now.

Birdzi (as in a bird’s eye view) is a shopper engagement software company targeting mainly supermarkets, and it has the potential to move into retail spaces in multiple industries. The service is up and running in 80 stores in the U.S., sending individually targeted promotions to shoppers as they walk down aisles, and is expected to go live in all 300 stores under contract by the end of 2016. With only seven employees — and everyone working remotely — the company is primed to hire between 20 and 25 employees this year. CEO Shekar Raman said he knows what to look for in new team members: they must fit into three pillars of the company’s new-but-strong culture.

“If you aren’t a believer, you can’t work from home productively, and you’re not going to survive in this environment,” Raman said. “You have to be excited about what we’re doing. All these guys on our team could walk into any company they want and make three times as much as they’re making right now. But they’re here because they believe in our vision, that we can impact the day-to-day life of shoppers and retailers.”

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